How To Cure A Porn Addiction

Have you found yourself late at night and typing into your web browser the porn site xhamster? You might not be addicted to porn. However, if your porn video watching behaviors are affecting your loved ones, you probably have a porn addiction. If your feeling guilty because you would rather watch porn videos rather than have physical contact, you may have a problem.

How do you know you have a problem?

Pornography addiction involves an obsession with viewing pornographic materials in the absence of physical interaction. A general definition of any addiction is a behavior repeated over and over again regardless of the consequences to yourself and the people around you.

Knowing you that you have a problem is the first step in curing your porn video addiction. Ask yourself. Has your use escalated from a pleasurable distraction to issues going on in your life? Have you lost hours or even days to viewing porno videos? Have you expressed intense anger or irritability if asked to stop viewing or using porn? Lastly, is your interest in physical sexual, and emotional connections with spouses or partners reduced or nonexistent?

Admitting you have a Porn Addiction

If you continue watching porn videos use despite negative life consequences. Increasing amounts of time spent on porn use or viewing explicit or bizarre porn videos, be honest with yourself regarding your behavior.

After you admit that you have a problem, you can begin to understand the depth of your porn video addiction. The key to this step is vital. If you cannot admit you have a problem, you cannot begin your healing process. Learning about your porn video habits is an essential step in self-realization. Asking your loved ones for guidance and support is helpful when your beginning to understand the depth of your issues.

The good news is that you can be cured! With hard work and self-care, you can be porn free and never again find yourself up late at night browsing through xhamster.

Understanding your triggers

There are always triggers preceding pornography use. Triggers can include situations. If you find yourself alone with access to porno videos or known events, such as coming in contact with sensual materials, late night commercials, pop up ads. You may find your triggers are more emotional, like feeling bored or lonely.

Learning your triggers is the first step in reducing these events that will result in the likelihood of you watching porn videos. It is vital that you find ways to prevent and minimize the triggers that you identified. This step is crucial in overcoming addictions.

If you have identified what your triggers, you can prevent them from occurring. Triggers will always be triggers. The difference is that you will have the ability to stop the reaction sequence preventing you from relapse.

The Journey to Sobriety

Abstinence is the only cure for porn addiction. Only through complete submission and accepting that you are addicted to watching porn videos, can you begin your road to sobriety and curing yourself.

An addict needs to learn about the nature of their addiction, how “people, places, and things” can affect their recovery. Learning ways to reduce stress can help you manage abstinence. It is possible to judge for yourself what level of response is needed to resist your urges.

Should any lapses occur, learn from it. Ask yourself what sequence of events led you to relapse. By minimizing triggers, you can effectively gain control over what seems an overwhelming problem of porn addiction.