How To Deal With Rejection

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There was a theoretician in the field of psychology in the 20th century who decided to conduct an interesting experiment on himself. He realized he had issues with dating because he was afraid of being rejected, and it was hampering his personal life. He also knew the Lord helps those who help themselves. Thankfully, this was before the heyday of serial killers (mostly the 70s) so no one found his behavior suspicious to the point of reporting him to the police.

Asking Random Women Out

To learn to deal with rejection, he went to the park, and started asking random women out on a date. He would ask anyone – young women, old women, women with strollers, women with dogs, even women who were walking in the park with other men. He didn’t stop until he had asked exactly 100 women out on a date.

All these women had one thing in common – they rejected him. Sometimes politely, sometimes not so politely, sometimes they were quite rude. But it didn’t matter because from then on, he was able to deal with rejection. He had been rejected by 100 women in one day.

The moral of the story?

To deal with rejection, you need to face it. Being rejected doesn’t mean you aren’t smart/cute/nice etc. enough. Were you rejected for a job? They found a more suitable candidate. It had nothing to do with you as a person.

Never react emotionally

Never react emotionally to rejection. If you’re struggling with relationships, you are not the only factor in the equation. The other person is looking for something different. End of story.

What happened to our theoretician? He found someone eventually. Did they live happily ever after? We don’t know, but they lived. And life will go on for you too, even after rejection. Never stop believing this.

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